Power on with BOMBARDIER Contract Secured

Kemada High Voltage Engineering Ltd have been successful in securing works at Bombardier at their Derby manufacturing plant.


As part of Bombardier Derby’s recent prestigious contract award to build trains for Crossrail, the site is having to upgrade the present dynamic test track and static test pens to accommodate a new test regime for the vehicles.

Kemada have been fortunate to secure upgrade works (valued at circ. £500k) for these facilities which includes the supply and installation of a new 33,000V substation located near the 1.4km dynamic test track which will feed a new 6MVA overhead line transformer.

The work to date has required the careful removal of existing equipment and controls, ensuring that none of the 24/7 operations on the track were affected. Work is now concentrating on preparing new concrete bases and cable trenches for the new equipment to be installed. The existing test facilities will be changed onto the new equipment over a single weekend, with Kemada carefully managing the changeover to ensure a seamless transfer with no loss of availability to Bombardier.

Site project manager Dario Piovesana said “Removing the redundant equipment to create enough space within the equipment compound for the new transformer and substation without interrupting testing has been challenging”, but added “it has all gone very well due to meticulous planning and the care taken by the site engineers when tracing and disconnecting cables”.

All works related to Kemada’s scope of works is being carried out using the company’s direct workforce.