The environment agency’s monitoring certification scheme (MCERTS) provides a framework of standards for the safe monitoring of liquid flow, such as trade or sewage effluent. Compliance with MCERTS ensures that every organisation involved in the measurement of liquid flow is working towards the same standards and is proving accurate emissions information to the Environment Agency.

The Issue

Ancala Water Services operate and maintain many wastewater treatment works on MOD operating sites throughout the UK which are permitted by the environmental regulators. Following a periodic assessment of the permitting requirements, Ancala Water Services identified deficiencies in the flow monitoring of various Sewage Treatment Works (STW) across the UK. Initially Ancala Water Services engaged consultants to develop outline designs for the installation of  MCERT approved flow measurement devices at each location.

Ancala Water Services looked to their supply chain to deliver a contract covering multiple sites across 3 phases with strict milestone completion dates which had already been agreed with the Environment Agency. As part of the contract, detailed civil, mechanical and electrical designs, procurement, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning as well as accurate programme management was key to Ancala’s requirements and expectations.

The Solution

Due to success on similar previous projects and long standing relationships, Ancala Water Services appointed Kemada as the Principal Contractor to deliver MCERTS solutions at 9 locations. Following appointment, careful and accurate programming was key to the project success to ensure all Environment Agency milestones could be met. The programme was initially drafted by Kemada and a collaborative approach with the customer was agreed for all time scales and programming taking into account the full scope of works which included:

  • Full Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and ICA Design.
  • Kemada proposals for bespoke standardised design for all MCERT flow monitoring cabinets to be used on all future assets.
  • Supply & Installation of MCERT compliant flow monitoring equipment.
  • Supply & Installation of remote telemetry outstations able to monitor, record and transmit data over cellular communications.
  • All civil works inc. modifications to flow channels, installation of cable ducts, manholes and flow monitor equipment chambers.
  • Mechanical works inc. pipework & installation of solo lift covers.
  • All electrical cabling inc. Power, Instrumentation & Control c/w required cable containment.
  • Testing & Commissioning of the Works & appointment of MCERT approved inspector for final commissioning and certification.
  • Final Operation & Maintenance manuals for each installation, 2 weeks following completion of each site.

The agreed programmes included 19 key milestone dates, 1 for each site installation, test, commissioning and sign off by MCERT inspector, 1 for each site O&M manual issue and a final milestone for overall completion of the contract including any raised defects. Each programme was regularly reviewed and issued to the customer with tracked progress.

The Outcome

Installed to a high standard of workmanship, the project met all 19 milestones and was completed on time and to budget despite experiencing some really harsh UK weather throughout the winter months.

All MCERT Flowmeters were installed and commissioned on time to budget with verification by external specialists completed without a hitch and linked to AWS data. The scheme was very well programmed, managed and communicated. The team Kemada used to undertake the MCERT jobs was excellent and made my life a lot easier. They were well managed and communicated well with all third parties. All installed without any hitches. First time and on programme.  Very pleased with your commissioning engineers ability to get all the data handling system/ comms programmed and operational. These flow meters have been recording since Feb. Well done, please congratulate your team” – Senior Project Manager, Ancala Water Services.