Kemada Awarded 20MW Solar Park

To extend on Kemada’s impeccable portfolio in the Renewable Energy Sector over the past 4-years, the successful award of a new scheme near to Ashbourne, Derbyshire is a further accolade in this business sector for the company.


Aston House is one of the largest individual Solar Parks Kemada Ltd have been awarded spanning over 120 acres to accommodate a total of 74,536 PV modules; thus equating to 20.2 MW’s of energy.

20mw3 20mw2

With a much larger scope being undertaken by the company, Kemada have the responsibility for both project and site management, programming of in-house site workforce working alongside multiple specialist trades. Our installation scope includes all Civil Engineering works, encompassing construction of site access roads, trenching and concrete foundations along with the installation of 345,000 metres of HV/DC String/LV SWA cable, all terminations and full testing and commissioning.